Remedies For Cold Sores - You Must Try These Cold Sore Secrets

Published: 03rd August 2010
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Remedies for cold sores can be quite confusing. Everyone claims theirs is the best. Read this excellent article and find out which cold sore remedies really work.

Some are good for alleviating the distress, but the majority of these commercial remedies for cold sores are more to get you to spend your money than to help you in curing your outbreak.

You will see that the natural-born remedies for cold sores revealed in this report will usually act significantly better and faster than any store-bought products. This is not just a notion but a well-proven reality.

Below are a number of top cold sore remedies I want to tell you about. The majority of people have learned that using them congruently, rather than individually, will give you an amazingly higher and more satisfactory outcome.


Oregano oil is proven to be a highly effective remedy. You can use it as both an internal remedy for all viral invasions and a topical cure for cold sore events. It is so potent that you can start applying it at the very first warning signal.

Usually you can get oregano oil at any vitamin store. Get the soft-gels for internal consumption. Each gel-cap is good for an individual local application. Simply pick a capsule and apply the oil directly to the affected area.

You will also find oregano oil in tiny bottles. If you discover this oil to be too aggressive for your skin, dilute it with extra virgin olive oil. Olive oil is a powerful medicine for viral sores as well, but it is much more soothing to your skin.


Honey was one of the first cures and was used quite extensively as far back as the Roman days. It is a full spectrum injury treatment that provides some strong healing results of its own.

Every choice of honey from the store will perform satisfactorily. I really like raw, untreated honey if I can find it. Raw honey affords you further aid with its beneficial live microorganisms and enzymes.

Manuka honey is a highly robust honey from New Zealand that works particularly great with cold sores. The bees collect it from flowers produced by the Manuka bush (often called the tea tree bush). You should quickly find Manuka honey in specialty stores and a variety of online providers.


A lot of folks make use of hot tea bag therapy for getting rid of these sores faster than usual. This treatment should give you prompt comfort in addition to fast removal of the outbreak.

Black and green teas will perform quite well and they are economical. Selected herbal teas promise to give even better results, according to users. Watch for mixtures that incorporate ginger, mint or lemon balm.

I much prefer and highly recommend the herbal teas.

You start by heating water to boiling on the stove or in a microwave oven. Then soak the tea bag briefly to heat it up and actuate the nutrient package. Never cook the tea bag directly in the microwave. This damages the healthy nutrients of tea.

Apply the bag as warm as you can tolerate short of scalding your skin. Hold it to the infected area about 11 to 14 minutes during each session. Occasionally put on your external treatment product of your choosing.

It is not a beneficial method to use hot tea bags before the sore opens up. While the sore is forming, use frozen cubes to decrease swelling and hinder the virus destruction.

For a better solution, apply cold treatment by trying frozen tea bags and enjoy the additional benefits of the healing nutrients in the tea.

The mentioned cold sore remedies are very favored by folks who are have a pressing need to get rid of these sores as soon as possible.

There are at least six more cures that I wish I could give you right now, but rest assured that these three are very popular and will give you wonderful results.

As you have seen in this article, there are many basic and at home ways to stop the disfiguring herpes virus. There is obviously no excuse to waste money on pricey concoctions and prescriptions.

Keep seeking and engage a variety of other tactics to reveal what operates best for your particular needs. Blend some of them together to create your own individual battle strategy.

It will not be long before you realize that the foremost way to success is with natural type remedies for cold sores.


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